Qualifications For Admission

Doctoral Degree Students

PH.D candidates are expected:

1. To have received an education of Master’s degree or a similar education;

2. To submit his/her graduation certificate or similar diploma;

3. To submit his/her research topic and plan and 2 letters of recommendation from two professors;

Master Degree Students

Master degree candidates are expected :

1. To have received a college education or a similar education;

2. To submit his/her graduation certificate or a similar diploma and transcripts;

3. To submit 2 letters of recommendation from two professors or associate professors;

Students for Advanced Courses

Applicants are expected:

1. To have received an education of master’s degree or a similar education of qualification;

2. To submit graduation certificate and academic records;

3. To submit research topic and plan;

Note 1: HSK requirements: Grade 6 for students to study Chinese history, literature, philosophy, Grade 3 for students to study other subjects.

Note 2: Any applicants mentioned above who have not yet met the requirements of Chinese proficiency for admission to his/her major can study Chinese language at this university, take part in the examination of Chinese proficiency test (HSK) and then begin his/her major if he/she passes .

Duration and Completion of Studies, Awarding of Degrees

Doctoral Degree Students

The duration of students is 3 years. After completing prescribed courses and passing dissertation defending, a diploma and Doctoral Degree are granted

Master ‘s Degree Students

The duration of studies is 3 years. After completing prescribed courses and passing dissertation defending, a diploma and Master’s Degree are granted

Students for Advanced Courses

The duration of studies is half a year or one year.  After the completion of the courses, a certificate of advanced studies is awarded

Note 1: Please check “A Brief Introduction of Anhui University” or the website http// for all specialties and programs open to international students

Note 2: According to the regulations of the university, a degree student who has not obtained a diploma or a degree due to personal reasons is given a certificate of studies

■ Tuition and Other Costs

Tuition Fees (each person an academic year )(Unit: yuan, Chinese currency RMB)

Doctoral Degree Student:24000 yuan

Master’s Degree Student: 14400 yuan

Students for advanced courses:14400 yuan

Registration Fee: 200 (each person) 

Room Fees (Foreign Student Dormitory, each person a day )

Furnished double bed room (with air-conditioning, color TV, telephone and bathroom)

Long-term students (longer than 4 months)  25 yuan/per day

Short-term students (shorter than 4 months) 60 yuan/per day

Public kitchen and public laundry are available in the foreign student dormitory.


Around 15 yuan each person a day


Students are required to buy insurance. It is around 700 yuan per academic year.

Note 1: All fees are paid in Chinese currency Renminbi

Note 2: Tuition fee is not refundable if the student leaves the school halfway before the completion of his studies.

Note 3: Costs of transport, medical care and textbooks are at the expense of students.

■ Time for Application / Registration

Applications are accepted from October every year to June next year. He will begin to study at the university in September next year.

■ Formalities for Admission

Individual applicants or an organization or a unit that wishes to send group of students can contact the School of International Education of the university directly. Formalities are as follows:

1. To fill in the Application Form for Admission;

2. To submit the related final graduation certificate of education and academic records; It is also necessary for different types of students to submit respective related materials according to the above mentioned Qualifications for Admission;

Once accepted, the applicants will receive the Admission Notice, Visa Application for Foreigners Wishing to Study in China (JW202) and the Physical Examination Record for Foreigners (to be used to take physical examination in local hospitals). And the applicants shall take them to the Chinese Embassy or the Consulate at the applicant’s home country to go through all necessary formalities for visa to China and get to Anhui University according to the date given in the Admission Notice.

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